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New🎄Christmas Tree Embroidered Towel

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$350.00 TWD
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$350.00 TWD

This unique Christmas towel, crafted in Yunlin, Taiwan, features an embroidered Christmas tree in a pot with the character for Double Happiness (囍). The embroidery is skillfully machine-made in a trusted factory in Taoyuan, based on our specially designed illustration.

The towel is one side cotton gauze, one side muslin towel. This material is absorbent and quick to dry. It is sized conveniently for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

For your convenience, each towel comes with a business-card-sized paper tag and string, perfect for gifting. You can easily add a name or a personal message.

This product uses an undyed (non-chemical) towel that is considerate to both the human body and the environment. Yellow and brown cotton husks may be visible, but this is a normal occurrence and does not indicate any issues with the quality of the product.

Limited quantity available!

Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Uncolored
Size: 33 x 78 cm
Made in Taiwan