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Customized Taipei City Address Magnet

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$450.00 TWD
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$450.00 TWD

Orders placed for this product between January 30th and February 14th will be shipped after February 22nd, 2024. 

The address signs (門牌) in each unit of Taipei City have been recently refurbished and now feature flowers that represent each district. The green signs have become a charming part of Taipei's cityscape. As a souvenir of your memories living in Taipei, how about a magnet of your old address?

Please note that each magnet is made to order and takes about 2 weeks to produce. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we can currently only make magnets for addresses in Taipei City.

Important: Please make sure to put the correct address in "Address on magnet" box above.   (e.g., 台北市〇〇區〇〇街◯巷◯弄◯號). We will make the magnet based on the address you provide, so please make sure to provide all the address details. If you don't know the address in Chinese characters, please provide me the right address in Taipei City in English so that I can change it into Chinese characters. 

Size: 5x7x0.6cm
Made of ceramic material.
Please handle with care as the magnet may break if dropped. We will package the magnet carefully in a box for shipping.
If there are any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.