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Homemade cupcake birthday card with an envelope

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$90.00 TWD
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$90.00 TWD

I made a large size birthday card with a watercolor drawing of homemade cakes. Please send it as a gift to someone special with a birthday message. This card is also very nice to display.

Cakes are...
-Vanilla cupcake with taro cream and Taiwanese "? "candle
-Taiwan mango tart
-Berry cupcakes with plumeria flowers
-Fruit tart with dragon fruit, pineapple and other fruits, topped with a orchid flower
-Chocolate cupcake with Taiwanese mulberries and pink plumeria flower

Paper: German high quality paper, gold foil finish for letters, blank inside
Card size: 10cm x 20cm
Envelope size: 11cm x 22cm
Envelope color: Pink,Blue, Green, Gold
Made in Taiwan