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New🎄Ginger Pot Christmas Tree Ornament

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$450.00 TWD
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$450.00 TWD

We have created an ornament in the shape of a ginger pot (or ginger jar or tea caddy) adorned with scenes of everyday life in Taiwan, featuring the symbol of double happiness (囍).

Material: Glass
This ornament is made of glass. Please handle it with care to avoid breaking.
Also, please be aware that scratching the painted area with nails or sharp objects may cause the paint to peel off.

Size: Approximately 6 cm in height
It will be wrapped in packing material and put in a box.

Weight: 35g including the box

About the Painting
I feel sad when I see the news of the wars continuing somewhere in the world  and I  can't help but wish for the continuation of this peaceful daily life.
The everyday scenes of Taiwan around me include:

- Curtains of Bougainvillea flowers, the charming leaves of Papaya trees, and the Banyan trees in parks.
- People practicing Tai Chi under these trees, and ladies dancing freely (though not included in this painting).
- Vendors at outdoor markets displaying fresh vegetables and fruits.
- Riding bikes in sandals with dogs on board.
While there are many more scenes, these are the ones we have chosen to depict this time.
We hope you find something in these scenes that resonates with you.
Near the character for "double happiness" (囍), we have also painted the dragon dance in hopes of bringing good fortune. Next year will be the year of the dragon!!
Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year from Design Stories.